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Etsy has their own blog, The Storque .

From here, you can find your way to an article on just about anything craft, vintage, handmade, or Etsy related. It is updated frequently, and even includes some nifty articles for Etsy sellers on how to best promote and arrange their shop for optimum exposure and sales.

A selection under the "Shopping" categor
y of articles includes "Etsy Finds". The admin behind Etsy shop for you! They find what's hot in Etsy shops, and bring it forward in this column for you to see.

Yesterday's column was all about accessorizing yourself... Access Yourself

Check it out, and scroll on down to the belts, bracelets, and shoes section, and there you will find...emmsgems!

Oh, and if you love this stacked bracelet, I'm sorry but it has since sold. However, emmsgems has oodles of other bracelets and funky jewelry!

At this time, I am unable to find an exact number of total shops on Etsy. But I can say this, shop numbers are in the hundreds of thousands. And if you like numbers, here are some more:

The shop with the most sales (not including findings and beads): The Black Apple (art prints) has 24, 177
#2 is Dennis Anderson (bath and body) at 19, 139

Sales for the Etsy world in June 2009 were $12.8 million

1,315,547 new items were listed in June 2009


Anny said...

Congrats for your Etsy find!
And Wow! These stats are amazing!

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