A New Piece

A NEW PIECE for emmsgems!

Be sure to read the story behind this "Ghost" of a gEM!

I foresee some matching earrings in the near future...

I love the red beads in this necklace! They have a matte finish, are extremely light weight, and are made from the Buri nut...which come from the Buri Palm tree in the Philippines. Beads aren't the only thing made from parts of the Buri tree. The trunk is used as a source of flour, and the palms are used to make hats!

my favourites

I just took a stroll through my favourites on Etsy, and I noticed a recent influx of the colour YELLOW:

Is it representative of the changing season?
Daylight until well past 5 p.m.?
Is it my cheery mood?

I think that yellow is often overlooked.

storing earrings

I don't know about you, but storing the earrings that I wear on a regular basis is a challenge.

For one thing, they get all tangled up in each other. It doesn't matter how many little compartments I have, I end up throwing them all in the same one. So compartments aren't a good idea.

Another problem is, just like socks...I can never find a matching pair when I want one! I spend so much time rifling through the tangle of dangles and hoops, that I give up.

While browsing through Etsy, I discovered this beautiful and seemingly handy piece:

Earring Frame from ParadiseHillDesgins

I might just have to buy this!
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