Portia's Pick #2

She's back! Following a recent romp in the fresh green grass,

Portia decided that it was time to start thinking about sun protection! Obviously, sun block is her number one defense against the damaging and harmful rays of the sun. But, sun block is an invisible fashion accessory: it's in style to wear it, but who knows about it?

But a sun hat is smart and fashionable! Check out these flashy and smart picks:

But what can you do when you are caught in the sun, without a hat? We caught Portia, with our trusty Polaroid camera, trying out a bracelet as a hat. What a hippo!Wood and Shell Glam Glow Bracelet from emmsgems

Photo Shoot

We did it - emms gEM's had their first photo shoot with a live model! Dressed in a wardrobe provided by Sew Dandee, Janelle rocked the gEM's we gave her to flaunt!

Just like the Summer Necklace seen here!

Portia, the gorgeous hippopotamus, is still on contract for everyday, up-close jewelry photos. We always have new, natural jewelry to show you, and love the addition of Portia. But we hope that Janelle will return for some fabulous real-life shots in the future!

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