Back to School

It's that time of year again...Back to School! Time to load up on supplies, and refresh your child's wardrobe.

Here are a few suggestions from emmsgems for Back to School Coolness:

How about a reusable lunch and snack bag from WasteNotSacks

Or a little pouch to hold supplies from Kukubee

And when the day is done, when it's time to wash the day away, why not enjoy a soap treat?

Donuts, popsicles and ice cream soap treats from CarvelCountrySoaps

next up...

First, there were big and chunky bracelets. Now, I am all about long, asymmetrical necklaces.

*but don't shed any tears, chunky bracelets are still being churned out, as are all of my other goodies!

These necklaces have all the same goodies: wood (including exotic woods!), gemstones (like the turquoise pictured in the above necklace), glass, and a new material for me...resin (unlike Amber).

Fall is coming and long necklaces sure do spice up collared shirts and turtle necks!

another covert operation

Here is another great thing about Etsy...

Anyone who belongs to Etsy, as either a buyer or a seller, can create a list of "Favorites". That is, when you see an item that you like, you can mark it and return to it at any time, say...when you are ready to buy it. Part of your profile, is a page of "Favorites".

The great thing about this, is not only does it make shopping easier, (no more searching for the scrap of paper where you wrote down obscure names and numbers, that when looked at later, mean nothing to you) but it is viewable by anyone who knows your username.

But easy shopping for yourself isn't the only great part - your favorites can act as a list to your friends who want to buy you a gift!

I was excited when this message came attached to a recent purchase, "This necklace is for a friend of mine. I saw that she had "hearted" it, so I bought it for her..."

*"hearting" is what you do when you add something to your "favorites"

How awesome is that?! Selecting a gift, handmade at that, that you know someone has had their eye on, without having to ask them!

Now, the only obscure words on that scrap of paper will be your friends usernames!
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