Canada Day!

Canadian deals to be had...

Many Canadian shops on Etsy are having Canada Day sales! Here are a few that I have purchased from recently:

Super talented artists are offering their creative works with super special Canada Day deals!

On-Line Shopping

I have bought my share of items on-line. To sell on-line, I like to understand and be familiar with the experience of shopping and buying on-line. Items that I have purchased include various handmade goodies from, bead and beading supplies from both large business, and independent seller, and of course...concert tickets. My purchases from alone have included jewelry, jam, note cards, knitted and crocheted items, and soap!

Are you a bit wary of on-line shopping?

Here are some of the things that I look for when taking the on-line plunge:

1. easy and secure payment
2. multiple photos of the item you want to purchase (if applicable)
3. check the dimensions!
4. shipping: is insurance available? what method of shipment does the seller use/offer? be aware of customs rules and regulations, as well as the amount of time it can take for an item to clear customs; if the seller uses a courier service be aware of brokerage fees, which can tack a lot of money on to your purchase
5. comments/reviews from other people who have purchased from the buyer
6. is the item coming from a home with pets or smokers?
7. return policy

There is a whole world of products on-line just waiting to be discovered! Shop for gifts, necessities, or a little something for yourself...opening up your mail box and finding a package with your name on it is a great feeling...way better than bills!


Up and coming in my iCraft Exhibit:

5 OOAK bracelets at awesome prices!

I have decided to use my five iCraft placements to feature particular styles/colours/pieces in a rotation. One week devoted to that weeks theme. Keep coming back during the week, as new pieces in the theme will pop up. But remember, this is the kind of "exhibit" where you can purchase what you like...and we strongly suggest that you do so, so that your favourite doesn't become someone else's favourite!

First up is: Chunky Bracelet Week.

How a Bead Becomes a gEM's - Part 1

I would like to show you how a bead (and I have many!) becomes a necklace, a bracelet, or a pair of general, how a bead captures my attention, and becomes a gEM's!

Creation Station

Where do I get my beads:

I prefer to buy my beads in person. It isn't about examining each bead, rolling them over in my fingers, planning a future's about grabbing whatever catches my eye. I find this more difficult to do with on line shopping.

I have a favourite bricks and mortar bead shop. I have been shopping here for over a decade:

Arton Beads

If you are ever in the Toronto area, I highly recommend this shop. The owners (River and Alice) own two stores, side by side. One store (the original) sells findings, wood beads, glass beads, lots of stringing material and more. The "new store", the one highlighted on their website, sells gemstones, pearls and sterling silver findings and beads. Make sure to visit both stores!

Where do I find inspiration:

art work over my bead table (beside the window!)

My inspiration comes from the beads themselves. I know my beads. I know what I have, and I often find myself thinking about my collection when I'm ready to fall asleep at night. Occasionally, I will sit down at my bead table, and scour through my containers, pulling out pendants and beads until one calls out to me.

some beads

My creation station is messy, and only half organized. While some boxes of bead tins are labeled (wood, focals, etc.) that doesn't mean that there aren't more wood beads somewhere else. I have multiples of all my tools (3 round nose pliers, 2 tape measures etc) and scraps of materials (really, it's the garbage) from previous creations still in a divider on the beadboard (of which I have 3).

That is step one of my uncomplicated process!

you should have some!

I am hooked on making bracelets, in particular chunky bracelets.

It must have something to do with the season, and our change of clothing. We find ourselves shortening our sleeves, or even taking our sleeves right off! A perfect canvas is exposed (even behind a billowing 3/4 sleeve) for showcasing a fantastic bracelet!

Pattern. Chunky. Wood. Funky. Colour.

In particular (but not exclusively) I have been making bracelets on a clear stretchy cord (from what I have seen, and tried, this cording makes the most inconspicuous and tight knots). The great thing about stretchy bracelets is that they are so easy to slide on (no fiddling with clasps or toggles!) and they don't slide too much around your wrist...making it easier to sip your fave summer drink!


have you been here?

Have you been to ?

icraft is a Canadian venture, similar to Etsy...where you can buy emmsgems in Canadian dollars! Okay, you can buy a lot more than just emmsgems, and you can buy in other currencies too.

Check out iCraft!

Be sure to visit my creator exhibit: emmsgems


Etsy has a fancy little buying feature: shop local. You can enter the name of a city (like your own), and find all items created by artsies and craftsies in your neighbourhood! You can shop handmade local - or find something special to send to a far away friend from their hometown!

Here is a local treasury:

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