The Scribble Group

This spring, a collection of artists, with Etsy and a love of handmade in common, combined their creative minds to create One Of a Kind Art. The completed OOAKs are being listed for sale on Etsy, under the seller name, TheScribbleGroup , with all proceeds going to charity.

*Sales from the months of July, August and September are being directed towards Jay and her team of Groovy Boobie Girls, for the 2010-60km Weekend to End Breast Cancer

Not only did I have a hand in creating a 9 of these master pieces, I have had a sneak peek at the progress. I can't wait to see all of the finished "Scribbles"!

Each piece is created in 3 steps. After completing a step on 3 pieces (each artist had an opportunity to be either the first, second, or third contributor), the contributor forwards the pieces to another assigned artist.

3 steps. 3 artists. Completed piece!

At any one time, 27 or more pieces of art were zipping around the Canadian landscape via Canada Post.

The woman behind the Scribble Group concept is the talented emmarts, a generous woman with a passion for art and learning. Please check out her etsy shop here: Tickle Your Senses

Contributing artists are unveiled as their pieces are listed, but I can't forget to mention two other people who have made this possible.

Bovine Bubbles and Hogwash



Scribbles make great gifts!


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