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Make a Statement

Still hot this season - The Statement Necklace! Make it long, keep it short, dress it up, play it down, to flower, or not to flower...just wear one!

Starting in the lower right corner:

Spring Flower Statement Necklace in Pink white and Lilac $96

Shades of Blue - A Vintage Statement Bib Necklace

Spring Beauty repurposed vintage statement necklace

Rest Awhile, Butterfly - Necklace $35

Frindge bohemian chic - fringe statement necklace - FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

Garden Party Fiesta Red Orange Yellow Lucite Floral and Copper Chain Statement Necklace $55

Temptress of The Sea II Island Tribal Shell Pearls and Copper Lavender Creamy Golds Layered 2 Necklaces Chunky and Funky Bridal Wedding Beachy Statement Necklace $78

The Scribble Group Has a NEW Project!

A new project is currently being listed on The Scribble Group !

The art pieces for sale in the Scribble Group shop have been created by a group of Etsy artists (some pieces are group collaborations, and some are individual), and are sold to the public with proceeds going to a designated charity.

The NEW project is entitled the "Rip Off Project". Participating artists were randomly given the shop of another participating artist, and instructed to "Rip Off" a listing of their choice...using inspiration from the item, colour, title, or description!

Please follow the link above to check out our items - and support our charity!

Green is Hot

The season is changing! The snow is melting!
I was able to get outside today - no jacket required - and get a few gorgeous product shots of some of my new pieces.

Spring is in the air - so why not wear green?

A Couple of Shorts

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