More Hippo Adventures

During a recent photo shoot, Portia misplaced the recycled glass earrings.
Luckily, she saw them in time, and avoided needing to touch up her pedicure!

Have A Cup on One

What's not to love about a fabric coaster?
Lightweight, washable, and easy to swap out as the seasons (or your mood) changes. Over a year ago, I purchased a bundle of fabric scraps (fat quarters), but I wasn't convinced as to what I was going to do with them. Well, now that I have some fabric coasters, I want to make some myself! What a great gift to give!

What will make for a good fabric coaster...shape retention, and well co-ordinated fabric seem important. Quilted, or not quilted, I'll have to see. Here are some that I found on Etsy:

Upcycled jeans: La Chiffonniere

Chair silhouette: Squiurrel's Nest

One Big elephant: Noei

Fun Bikinis: Paisley Baby

Crocheted rounds: So So Rosey

Fun Floral: Food Phyte

Peachy Patchwork: Jewelz Creatives

Brown linen flowers: Donata Felt

A New Store

There are just so many wonderful, handmade goods in this world! And if you live near me, or within driving need to check out this new bricks and mortar store, featured here:

Mozy Rue Eco-Collective

And if you don't live near Winnipeg, you can follow these artists in their new blog:

Eco-Craft Collective

Or - visit them in their on-line shops!

Staying Cool

Oh the heat!

Record heat waves are melting people across the country. Air conditioners buzz, water parks are full, and in my house, ice cream or slushy beverages are consumed daily.

After a recent photo shoot, Portia needed to cool down

And that got her to could she stay cool?

How about a lazy picnic, under a beautiful tree, cool and cozy on a fabulous picnic blanket?

Like this one from Sewn Natural

While picnicking, you could be cool in these super comfortable lounge-capri pants from Paisley Baby

Or maybe you could just stay inside, watch the water and the sailboats, and enjoy a nice sweet treat with a friend!

Print by Janet Hill Studio

How about you, how do you stay cool?

Portia's Pick #2

She's back! Following a recent romp in the fresh green grass,

Portia decided that it was time to start thinking about sun protection! Obviously, sun block is her number one defense against the damaging and harmful rays of the sun. But, sun block is an invisible fashion accessory: it's in style to wear it, but who knows about it?

But a sun hat is smart and fashionable! Check out these flashy and smart picks:

But what can you do when you are caught in the sun, without a hat? We caught Portia, with our trusty Polaroid camera, trying out a bracelet as a hat. What a hippo!Wood and Shell Glam Glow Bracelet from emmsgems

Photo Shoot

We did it - emms gEM's had their first photo shoot with a live model! Dressed in a wardrobe provided by Sew Dandee, Janelle rocked the gEM's we gave her to flaunt!

Just like the Summer Necklace seen here!

Portia, the gorgeous hippopotamus, is still on contract for everyday, up-close jewelry photos. We always have new, natural jewelry to show you, and love the addition of Portia. But we hope that Janelle will return for some fabulous real-life shots in the future!

How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

Ah, silver. Gorgeous - when it's clean, and free of tarnish. Unless of course the piece of jewelry is made with oxidized silver, like the earrings below from five forty on Etsy

But what can you do when your bright and shiny silver is dull, and black?

Clean it with baking soda, a piece of aluminum foil, and boiling water! It's simple and organic.

1. line a container, a vessel that is deep enough for the jewelry to be completely covered by water, with aluminum foil

2. sprinkle baking soda over the jewelry

3. pour boiling water over the jewelry, so that the pieces are completely submerged - bubbling will occur

4. use a wooden or plastic utensil to gently stir the solution, and ensure that all silver surfaces come in contact with the aluminum.

5. rinse the jewelry under tap water (don't lose any pieces down the drain!) and blot dry with an absorbent cloth

6. polish with a soft cloth. Voila!

This method of cleaning is recommended only for jewelry that is all sterling silver and those that incorporate plastic, glass or crystal beads. Some gemstones are affected by the baking soda reaction, for example, turquoise.

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