Sale on Turquoise!

It's hard to think of an original sale idea for Etsy...

But I just came up with this one on my own:

10% off all turquoise PLUS an extra .09 cents off to celebrate the new year!

I will be adding more turquoise pieces throughout the duration of the sale (which ends on January 10, 2009)

a "wow" moment

I love it when I create a gEM's piece that makes me say, "Wow!" This is my latest "wow":

This is an unofficial photo - properly presented photos will follow in my Etsy shop!

This piece defies the customary colour combinations - admittedly, it is more of a trendy piece, than an heirloom! If you are a "silver girl" like I am, you'll know what I mean!

Now comes the hard part: deciding to sell it, as opposed to keeping it for myself; deciding how much to sell it for. I don't have a hard and fast rule for pricing my jewelry, and it is especially difficult when a piece, such as this bracelet, is unlike any others that I currently have for sale.

Sometimes I rely on the help of C-Dazzle...*hint hint*

It was pointed out to me recently that some of my Etsy shop pieces are priced "too fair". I hear this often in person-to-person sales as well. I find it hard to believe that sometimes if the price is too low, it will not sell. Putting a price on my time has always seemed foreign to isn't as if I was forced to create.

my sewing project!

Oh the colour bug has got me!

My symptom is wanting to sew. I scratched the itch a few weeks ago, and created these...

And now I see more opportunities for the same pattern...

My husband laughed that I have "become my gramma's granddaughter". Gramma would be proud...and helpful!

Gramma was a sewer.

I'm a person who owns a sewing machine.

I'm a beader.

I love colour and pattern.

Christmas feeling

What an awesome feeling it is to be part of a stranger's Christmas!

I had a purchase in my Etsy shop the other day, from a new gEM's buyer! In her "Message to Seller" she asked if I could wrap the necklace she purchased, and add a gift tag with specific names on it. I was thrilled to do such a thing!

I know that many shops offer free gift wrap, some shops sell a "Gift Wrap" option, and some, like myself, wrap the gift no matter what, and don't say a word about it! But in my shop, I haven't promoted any kind of "Holiday" shopping, or deals. I simply haven't had the energy or stock. So when this recent buyer asked for it, I was thrilled, and happy to oblige!

The gift is being sent directly to the "giftee", from my house, not from the "gifter". It's so sneaky and surprise-y...I love it!

***FYI*** emmsgems come wrapped in turquoise tissue paper, and are slipped in to a silver drawstring pouch!

it's that time of year!

It's one of my favourite times of, not Christmas...the trendy paint colours for 2009 have been released!

Consistent to many of the hottest hue groupings...lavender. The palettes are pretty, soft and neutral. Pops of colour to bring out optimism, are in the form of deep accents...but still grounded in neutrals for stability...grey toned neutrals that is.


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