The Woman of a Kazillion Talents

Near the end of September, I had the pleasure of meeting Pegg, the woman behind fiveforty on Etsy. A mere 11 hour drive from my home, hides a baker, a chef, a weaver of rugs, a lover of pearls and baubles that she translates into gorgeous jewelry, and a great lady to spend a day with.

Pegg's crafts are spread throughout the house. And if cooking is a craft, then her crafts are outside too, in her flower and vegetable gardens! Bags of beads; piles of sweaters and t-shirts waiting to be woven in to one of her 100% recycled rugs; rows of veggies waiting to mingle in a salad or a tasty casserole.

My new recycled rug from fiveforty!

The Road to fiveforty !

As a member of Etsy since May 2006, fiveforty is an expert curator of treasuries (collections of the work of Etsy artists, assembled by Etsy artists), and her stunning collections have graced a handful of Etsy front pages. Oh yes, and her own work is often found in treasuries too!

Pearl and Copper Earrings

Would you like to get to know fiveforty? Please check out her blog Five Forty at Home. Be sure to scroll down, with your eyes glued to the right side, and there you will find some tasty Five Forty recipes. I recommend the Thin Finn Pancakes!


Pegg said...

Wow Emily, thank you!
You are so sweet and kind you brought tears to my eyes.

a la carte card shoppe said...

Beautiful Emms. Hooray Pegg.

cindylouwho2 said...

Great feature! That rug is a perfect fit in your place

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