a "wow" moment

I love it when I create a gEM's piece that makes me say, "Wow!" This is my latest "wow":

This is an unofficial photo - properly presented photos will follow in my Etsy shop!

This piece defies the customary colour combinations - admittedly, it is more of a trendy piece, than an heirloom! If you are a "silver girl" like I am, you'll know what I mean!

Now comes the hard part: deciding to sell it, as opposed to keeping it for myself; deciding how much to sell it for. I don't have a hard and fast rule for pricing my jewelry, and it is especially difficult when a piece, such as this bracelet, is unlike any others that I currently have for sale.

Sometimes I rely on the help of C-Dazzle...*hint hint*

It was pointed out to me recently that some of my Etsy shop pieces are priced "too fair". I hear this often in person-to-person sales as well. I find it hard to believe that sometimes if the price is too low, it will not sell. Putting a price on my time has always seemed foreign to me...it isn't as if I was forced to create.


~ Charlene S Noto said...

Love it! I also had to laugh at your "it isn't as if I was forced to create". I have the same difficulty and have been told I price things way too low. I really don't know what to charge for things I really enjoy creating. Good luck on your quest and kudos on the bracelet. It's lovely.

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