Christmas feeling

What an awesome feeling it is to be part of a stranger's Christmas!

I had a purchase in my Etsy shop the other day, from a new gEM's buyer! In her "Message to Seller" she asked if I could wrap the necklace she purchased, and add a gift tag with specific names on it. I was thrilled to do such a thing!

I know that many shops offer free gift wrap, some shops sell a "Gift Wrap" option, and some, like myself, wrap the gift no matter what, and don't say a word about it! But in my shop, I haven't promoted any kind of "Holiday" shopping, or deals. I simply haven't had the energy or stock. So when this recent buyer asked for it, I was thrilled, and happy to oblige!

The gift is being sent directly to the "giftee", from my house, not from the "gifter". It's so sneaky and surprise-y...I love it!

***FYI*** emmsgems come wrapped in turquoise tissue paper, and are slipped in to a silver drawstring pouch!


~ Charlene S Noto said...

My word, Emm! Did I know you had an etsy shop and forgot it or did it just never come up! Lovely jewelry! I've got a blog on my etsy shop too ( and I'm adding yours to my blog list/follow list now. What a nice surprise!

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