Have A Cup on One

What's not to love about a fabric coaster?
Lightweight, washable, and easy to swap out as the seasons (or your mood) changes. Over a year ago, I purchased a bundle of fabric scraps (fat quarters), but I wasn't convinced as to what I was going to do with them. Well, now that I have some fabric coasters, I want to make some myself! What a great gift to give!

What will make for a good fabric coaster...shape retention, and well co-ordinated fabric seem important. Quilted, or not quilted, I'll have to see. Here are some that I found on Etsy:

Upcycled jeans: La Chiffonniere

Chair silhouette: Squiurrel's Nest

One Big elephant: Noei

Fun Bikinis: Paisley Baby

Crocheted rounds: So So Rosey

Fun Floral: Food Phyte

Peachy Patchwork: Jewelz Creatives

Brown linen flowers: Donata Felt


jewelzodonnell said...

What a wonderful selection of coasters! I am sure you will enjoy making your own, it is quite fun and definately addictive LOL

Thank you for including my Peachy ones :)

Anny said...

I love your selection!!! thanks for including mine! ;)

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