Oh Canada

Maybe you aren't interested in sport, but I imagine that you know that the Olympics are dominating the airwaves, the internet, and print these days. The Olympic Games provide a wealth of post topics, none of which I'm interested in sharing with you. Medal counts, safety, fitness, Olympic Spirit, world and Olympic records and the history of the game are for someone else to discuss.

But what about Olympic fashion? I'm certainly not the first to discuss it, but it seems like a fun thing to research. I enjoy purchasing a commemorative clothing item each Olympic year - so I decided to take a look back at what the Canadian Athletes have worn.

Have you seen those bright red, woolly Olympic mittens? If you are Canadian, I'm sure that you have seen them, or tried to buy them, and if you are watching the Olympics, you have probably seen them on the waving hands of Canadian fans. The red mittens are a much sought after everyday souvenir, similar to the "PoorBoy" cap of the 1998 Olympics. Robin Williams wore a poorboy cap to the Oscars, and Cindy Crawford has been seen in the Vancouver 2010 mittens!

Roots Canada and The Hudson's Bay Company have been the top vying "rights to the uni" owners. Here is a collection of past Opening Ceremony uniforms and Podium wear:

The tassels and cowboy hats of 1988, the Hudson Bay stripes of 1960, the psychedelic retro of the 2008 games, the mismatched reds of 2006, and the back-to-basics casualness of 2010!

I'm a fan.


Pegg said...

Fantastic Olympic fashions Emily!

Glogirly and Katie said...

Hi Emms!
I'm ALL about the Olympic fashion too! I think red is the best... I even had red tassels on my ice skates.

Thank you soooo much for visiting my blog during the Cat-O-Lympics! It was a great week for sure. I've already started training for the next games... Power Napping!

(Glogirly's Olympian Cat)

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