I want to share my collection of bags with you: my collection of Paisley Baby bags that I have bought on Etsy.com

From the top right:

1. Wet Bag

2. Overnighter Cosmetic Bag

3. Daytripper Cosmetic Bag

4. Cell phone pouch

5. Slim Cosmetic Bag

6. Bamboo Handbag

Paisley Baby isn't just for babies! Yes, the shop is full of bibs, hooded towels, and *NEW* wash cloth sets - all for a stylish baby! But there are great things for mom too...and friend, and sister, and grandma...

The women behind Paisley Baby are a mother-daughter design team from Montreal:

Dianne: a super talented seamstress who is the star behind the impeccably crafted items
Maria: product designer and buyer of the generous selection of gorgeous fabrics

They combine years of sewing experience and a love for fabric shopping!

And new this year, Shoe Bags!

The shoe bags, similar to the wet bag design, are lined in twill. The wet bags, along with the cosmetic bags are lined with a wipeable waterproof fabric.

Style - Quality - Practicality


Maria said...

Thank you very much Emily for this great feature! You are so nice :-) And talented too!

Tina said...

What a great collection of bags! I have a couple wetbags from paisleybaby and I love them! I am anxiously awaiting my daytripper cosmetic bag!

corina said...

I can find turquoise in my extensive collection of gEM's :)

Glogirly and Katie said...

Beautiful picks!!!

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