I have never been asked where I find the inspiration for my jewelry. Thank goodness.

I'm not more creative in one season compared to another. I don't spend time looking at other shops. I don't read fashion magazines. I don't love food (making or eating!) so I don't derive ideas from creative meals, and produce in the fields.

I do, however, love colour. Simple as that *.

I like to think that I have a keen sense of style - and I just know what looks good. I've been known to wallpaper my wall, and three months later, my paper selection is in on the cover of a furniture catalogue.

Here is an example of how my brain works, using my most recent long, asymmetrical necklace:

I recently ordered some beads on-line. Not having many bead shop options in my city, I now find myself strolling through on-line shops. The trouble with this, is that there is no instant gratification! I can't caress the beads or roll them around in my hands. I can't sit and admire their colourful goodness.

So instead of planning in real time, as I would have, had I shopped in bricks and mortar, I dream about them. What will I create with the beads, soon to arrive in my mailbox? What combinations will I choose?

My latest purchase has two colour tones that I don't usually work with: peach and purple...eggplant to be more specific. In the nights leading up to the package arrival, I fell asleep imaging my new peach and eggplant necklace.

*I have design training, which I apply to my jewlerly


kiddlebug said...

I love the new look!

zenbecca said...

I love colour, too. My earliest memories are of toddling around in my dad's paint store. I would sit for hours with the colour fans; opeing, closing, opening. Each time was a surprise - blues! pinks! oranges! I could do that for hours. Still can.

A couple of years ago, I got over the idea that things had to "match" and that certain colours just don't go together. My thinking is that if nature can put green and purple together, then so can I! (Today I am wearing 2 shades of red with teal

Ladyfingers said...

Yumm I can actually taste these beads, black licorice & orange suckers with a few nuts thrown in.

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