you should have some!

I am hooked on making bracelets, in particular chunky bracelets.

It must have something to do with the season, and our change of clothing. We find ourselves shortening our sleeves, or even taking our sleeves right off! A perfect canvas is exposed (even behind a billowing 3/4 sleeve) for showcasing a fantastic bracelet!

Pattern. Chunky. Wood. Funky. Colour.

In particular (but not exclusively) I have been making bracelets on a clear stretchy cord (from what I have seen, and tried, this cording makes the most inconspicuous and tight knots). The great thing about stretchy bracelets is that they are so easy to slide on (no fiddling with clasps or toggles!) and they don't slide too much around your wrist...making it easier to sip your fave summer drink!



mchen said...

Wow, I love the orange/turquoise one! I can JUST managed a clasp on a necklace, but am hopeless when it comes to bracelets... so the stretchy version sounds like a great idea :)

Lovely work, emms!

coffeeloves said...

i love your chunky bracelets!

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